I Built A Blog on the way to DrupalCamp London

I'm not sure what really got into me, but I actually got the motivation to add a blog to this website while on the train travelling up to DrupalCamp London. It's certainly not perfect and if you leave a comment it will most likely look terrible, but at least I'm on the way to actually having a proper website for myself.

It's quite exciting and appropriate to be working on this during my trip to London, and while also sitting through some great talks during the Business Day at DrupalCamp London. Not to mention the fact that I timed it perfectly to get here for lunch! As a Drupal specialist I'm still amazed at the power and flexibility it offers, and to be here with the community feels like coming home.

I'm also very proud to be speaking at tomorrow's event, doing a talk called Building A Tasty Backend, which I've been doing at various Drupal events over the past year. It's about making Drupal easy to use for the people managing the day to day content management tasks, basically the people I'm building websites for.

I'll keep this short for now, but stay tuned for a lot more blog posts, a lot more Drupal, and maybe just a little more Tasty Backend!


This really does demonstrate the power of Drupal :) Good luck for tomorrow :)

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