Bringing my Drupal freelancing to North Wales

Sunset over Cemaes Bay, Anglesey, Wales.

After relocating back to Liverpool in 2019 (see previous blog post), I've relocated again to North Wales! I'm now based in Cemaes Bay, Anglesey and while my Welsh is pretty terrible, I'm incredibly excited to now call Wales home. Nothing is changing as far as Delicious Creative is concerned, I'm still providing Drupal development, hosting, support and all of my other freelance services as I always have, just from an incredibly gorgeous location on the coast of Anglesey. I've been wanting to move out of the city for years, and feel quite lucky to have landed in such an amazing spot. I've only been here a couple of months so far but it already very much feels like home, and I've met lots of incredibly friendly people so far in the village. I can't thank all the locals enough for the warm welcome. My dog, Frankie, is quite happy with the move, too!

Outside of the move the only other major news is I'm now also doing mobile app development with React Native. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my first app now, so I'll post about that a bit more when it's live and in the app stores. The app integrates with two Drupal websites pulling product information from both, renders media like videos, photos, and PDFs, authenticates users for access to members only content, hooks into a Drupal based leads management system, and is in 6 languages. It's been quite the learning curve but also pretty exciting to be able to work on something new, so I'm quite pleased to now be able to offer app development to my clients.

And of course, I'm also currently knee deep in a Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migration as well, as I seem to always have been for the last few years. I've done many, many of these now, all presenting their own challenges, but the outcome at the other end is always worth the effort. Get in touch if you've got a D7 site in need of a bit of love.

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